Freshen up your altar!

I saw this and thought it was such a great way to create a unique and different altar for your wedding or create a focal point at your next party!  It would also be great to frame out a beverage station as shown below.  Here’s a site that sells them in bulk for a great price


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The Atomic Spa

This spa in Milan, Italy has to be one of the most interesting and elaborate gyms ever!  I would go to the gym just to enjoy the unique atmosphere!

Simone Micheli Architectural Hero

project Atomic Spa Suisse, Milan.

standout Huge bubbles of chromium-plated plastic emerge sporadically in the entry, then multiply as they meet their literal match above the swimming pool.

photography Jürgen Eheim.

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What do you with those plastic bags filling up your pantry!?

This is such a simple way to get the cluttered plastic bags of the shelf!  We all end up with plastic bags from the store and this is a great wayto keep them organized and re-use them!

Tools and Materials
15-inch-wide dish towel (ours has a 1/2-inch hem)
Pins and scissors
10-inch strip of 3/4-inch twill tape
7 1/2-inch strip of 1/4-inch elastic;
1 1/2-inch safety pin

Plastic Bag Organizer How-To
Fold dish towel in half lengthwise, wrong side out; pin along the edge that’s opposite the fold. Pin twill-tape ends to one open end to form hanger.

Sew a seam 7 inches from the folded edge to make a tube. Stitch twill tape in place. 

1. Twill tape hanger
2. Folded edge
3. New seam

Thread elastic through the towel’s existing hem: Snip one small slit in the towel’s hem (shown, right). Flip tube over and repeat, making a second slit. Tie a large knot at one end of elastic; attach safety pin to other end. Slide safety pin through 1 slit, and ease through hem and out other slit. Tie elastic ends to gather. Turn bag right side out.

4. Snip line

From Martha Stewart Living, June 2009

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Easy Sew Beach Towel Tote!

This is such an easy craft project that will stand up to the beach elements and is super easy to just throw into the washer/dryer to get ready for your next trip!

Beach-Towel Bag How-To
1. Start by folding one-third of the towel over on itself.

2. Topstitch along the two sides. Fold the free flap down, and tuck it into the bag.

3. Cut two 12-inch lengths of colorful grosgrain ribbon. Fold one piece of ribbon in half lengthwise, and sew each of its ends to the top edge of one side of the tote bag to form a handle. For reinforcement, sew the ends of the ribbon with a square containing an “X” of stitches. Fold the second piece of grosgrain ribbon in half lengthwise and attach it to the other side of the bag, as before, being careful to leave the flap free to open and close.


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I hate lemons…but have a HUGE Lemon tree!

So, I really don’t like lemons but have a wonderful lemon tree that’s growing in my backyard.  I hate to see them go to waste all the time so I found a few cool alternatives to eating them…so for those of you in the same boat or just looking for some unique centerpiece ideas…these are for you!



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Unique Wedding Table Numbers!

I am planning my nephews wedding that’s coming up this July and we just finished the table numbers photo shoot!  We have a picture of them holding each table number which we will order 2 copies and place back to back and then display them in a metal stand at each table.  Their colors are Orange and Green obviously :)!

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Poofs for everyone!

These poofs from Home Design Warehouse are great for children’s rooms, living rooms, family rooms or anywhere you need extra seating that doesn’t take up a ton of space! 

These Komaki Poofs (cream floral pieces in front of sofa) are adorable! Each measures 22″w x 22″l x 18″h.  We also carry the matching Komaki Pillows as well!

To add a pop of color to your space you may be interested in the Red Roses Felt Poof Ottoman.  It also measures 22″w x 22″l x 18″h.

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