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Poofs for everyone!

These poofs from Home Design Warehouse are great for children’s rooms, living rooms, family rooms or anywhere you need extra seating that doesn’t take up a ton of space! 

These Komaki Poofs (cream floral pieces in front of sofa) are adorable! Each measures 22″w x 22″l x 18″h.  We also carry the matching Komaki Pillows as well!

To add a pop of color to your space you may be interested in the Red Roses Felt Poof Ottoman.  It also measures 22″w x 22″l x 18″h.


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Re-Use Your Old Furniture in a Fresh Way!

I saw this and thought it was a great way to re-use that table you’ve gotten from your grandmother or nearby antique store!  This would be so cute as an entry console or a small space that you have to get creative with!

Console How-To
If you don’t have the perfect table, scour flea markets. Damaged or worn tables will cost drastically less than their pristine counterparts.

1. Unscrew the extension mechanism from the bottom of the table. Remove the part of the table you won’t be using.

2. Sand the remaining part, then prime and paint it.

3. Nail or screw a two-by-two-inch piece of wood to the wall at the height of the tabletop so that the edge of the table rests on the wood support.

4. Screw through the top of the table to the wood support; fill the holes with wood filler, and paint over them.

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Another example of the power of multiples!

These Looking Sculptures are so unique and will add a bit of whimsy to your space!  Take a look at how the showroom was done to display them!

Add them to my home!

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SALE!! Check out

We’ve added tons of new sale items to Home Design Warehouse…we have limited quantity so take a look!

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Shell Tray

Great for entertaining this Nautilus Shell Tray is only $99  and is 26″L x 12″W x 3″H

Nautilus Shell Tray

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Kid Friendly and Under $100

Want to add a little whimsy to your childs room?  Here are a few options from Home Design Warehouse that would add some color and personality to your space!

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Power in multiples!

In every room there should be a focal point.  If you’re looking to make an impact and create that focal point try using multiples of one or two items!  It creates a really striking look and makes for conversation! 

Heres an example of wall vases that were used in combination with square wall mirrors to give the room height.

Green Discus Wall Vase

Green Discus Wall Vase

These climbing men are so unique!!  They are made really well and are super heavy and sturdy…here’s another way using multiples of an item can create a unique look!

Climbing Men
Climbing Men

Anytime you can repeat an item in a linear fashion it’s going to make your space feel longer.  This wall of vases makes a striking impact and gives the feeling of a much longer room.



Wall of Vases

Wall of Vases

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