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Nursery Room DIY Project!

A few months ago I made these for a nursery room.   They are made out of felt so it gives you a worry free decor item to put above the crib 🙂  The koala was placed over the changing station and is used to hold the diapers!









 What you’ll need:

  • 1/2 yard of felt (per animal)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • buttons for the eyes
  • needle and thread

Step 1:

Place 2 layers of felt on top of each other and cut out your desired animal.  (I drew mine freehand but those of you who might need a little more guidance you can try to find animal templates on google images.)

Step 2:

Place pins around the entire edge of the animal and then sew together the 2 layers with contrasting thread that goes with your color scheme. (if you are making the koala you’ll want to leave the top of the pouch open, and if you’re making the pelican you’ll want to not sew around the top of the beak so you have a storage pocket there as well)

Step 3:

Add the eyes by hand sewing buttons through the felt.

Step 4:

Now you’ll want to add small metal hooks to the back of the animal so you can hang him.  You can find these at your local fabric store.


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Spice up your aisle!

We’ve all seen a wedding with the flower balls running along each side of the aisle.  Here is a great way to give those a new look and incorporate your wedding colors as well!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Hooks for aisle way

2. Paper Balls – These can be a variety of different types, these are what I used

3. Glue gun

4. Variety of silk flowers

5. Ribbon

Step 1:

Lay out all of your materials and count out how many flowers and leaves you will have per ball. 

Step 2:

Pull off the flowers/leaves from their stems so they will easily attach with glue.

Step 3:

Cut your ribbon to size.  Mine were cut to about 36″ long.


Step 4:

Start by taking your pre made bows and glue it to the top of the white ball.  I used 2 different types of ribbons and combined them for my bows.


Step 5:

Then begin to glue on the largest flowers that you want to add to the balls and place those in the middle.  Start adding smaller flowers to each side almost behind the larger flower. 

Step 6:

Fill in with leaves and trailing greens underneath your flowers.  Make sure you have glued everything down with your hot glue gun and you’re done!

The wedding that I made these for isn’t until July so i’ll send you pictures of them in action this summer!

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